Cake Smash Photography Session is a huge hit with babies and toddlers! Perfect for first, second and third Birthdays, your little one can not only eat the cake but smash it to bits! A Cake Smash produces brilliant photographs and is fantastically messy fun for all. Why not use the images on your Birthday Party invites? 

Cake Smashing offers a unique way of celebrating your little one’s birthday. My cake smashing shoots are lots of fun and very, very messy but once you see the pictures you will be so glad you came!! Cake Smashing pictures are AMAZING!! The Client is fully involved with me, designing the theme, props and costumes. It is a totally unique experience and your photos will not look the same as everyone elses!


Cake Smash Photography | Victoria Sturdy | Cambridge Cambridgeshire | Newborn PhotographerCake Smash Photography | Victoria Sturdy | Cambridge Cambridgeshire | Newborn Photographer

What is a Cake Smash Bucket List?

A Cake smash bucket list is all themes i have been wanting to photograph but haven't found the right client who shares the same passion for certain special themes as I do. I spend so much time planning and designing your sessions to make the perfect session custom to you.

The Cake smash bucket list saves you money and allows me to create something super creative in the process


Collection 1 - Fully Customised  


A fully styled customised  session. you pick the theme and we will plan the entire session

Set design and outfit from the lending wardrobe or bring your own.


Custom Video of your images set to music

10 digital images

one 11x14 collage print



Collection 2 - Basic Cake & Paint Smash


A beautiful session with a solid background and choice of 2 colours for decorations, banner and balloons.

Outfit included if you would like to use from my lending wardrobe or bring your own.


5 Digital images

1 8x10 Print


Add on Products

One 20x20" Canvas collage £189 ~ 8x8 Signature album £455 ~ 12x12 Delux Signature Album £995 ~ 3 Mini Accordian Albums £189 ~ Fine Art Print Pack 6 7x5 mounted prints £89


How It Works:

This is a great way to personalize your cake smash session with your baby’s favorite colors and theme. If you can’t decide on a theme, I’m here to help.Together we can make your baby’s cake smash a fun and special one tailored just for him/her. Please book your “Cake Smash” session one month in advance to ensure date availability and to allow time for planning and ordering of your personalized cake.

For the first half of your session I will take pictures of the birthday boy/girl . You provide the outfits but I do have a collections of tutus, rompers, ties, and diaper covers you can choose from as well. For the second half of your session I will take pictures of the birthday boy/girl eating, smashing, making a mess YAY! Cake, and decorations are provided by me and are included in the session fee.


Cake Smash Photography | Victoria Sturdy | Cambridge Cambridgeshire | Newborn PhotographerCake Smash Photography | Victoria Sturdy | Cambridge Cambridgeshire | Newborn Photographer

Watch your little one explore new tastes and textures as they tuck into a delicious homemade creamy cake! The result…stunning, cute and fun photographs that truly capture your little ones personality at that moment in time! Cake Smash Photo Shoots have to be the most fun photo shoot to be part of. Let’s face it all babies love to explore, this is the perfect way to celebrate their first birthday in style.

A bubble bath shoot is a unique and fun experience for not only the little ones but for parents with lots of laughter and bubbles and results in gorgeous photos. Most parents value bath time as a special bonding time with their baby. These special and adorable moments will allow you to keep these memories forever. 

Sessions are held at the studio. 
*Cakes are NOT provided if kids have allergies.

You will return to the studio to view your images and purchase any add on products within 2-3 weeks post session that you can download the high resolution images. You are also able to order professional quality prints and canvases.

£450 ( includes one £45 cake) additional cakes for twin sessions are an additional $45

50% deposit required to book = £225.00 
50% due a week before session date.


* Before you book this special, please note the studio is only open Monday through Friday, not weekends. Sessions are typically held in the morning hours. Thank you!


Please read the Cake smash/ Paint Smash policies before you book a session.



Let the Kids go wild in the new Paint Smash. This session is suitable for kids over 2 years and adults. Its bright, colourful, messy and fun and best of all, it give you unique pictures of your little ones right at home in their element of joy...and no cleaning up afterwards!. All the paints are non toxic and easily washable.

The Paint sessions are something that's unique and also provide a wonderful keepsake for you for your wall. This again is popular for 1 year to 3 year olds. The paint is child friendly and I would suggest wearing old clothes for this session as the paint may stain clothing. After my most recent paint smash photo session I’ve decided these are one my favorites sessions to do already!

There is so much uniqueness about combining painting and photography, and so far ALL my kids have loved them (parents too!)! These sessions allow for more of a natural setting without the stress of posing (although I do try to have them look at me every once in awhile!). Parents have had a lot of fun participating too – when’s the last time you’ve had photos done with your children, worn whatever you’ve wanted AND had fun without bribing them to look at the camera?! 

Paint Smash Photography | Victoria Sturdy | Cambridge Cambridgeshire | Newborn PhotographerPaint Smash Photography | Victoria Sturdy | Cambridge Cambridgeshire | Newborn Photographer Paint Smash Photography | Victoria Sturdy | Cambridge Cambridgeshire | Newborn PhotographerPaint Smash Photography | Victoria Sturdy | Cambridge Cambridgeshire | Newborn Photographer Paint Smash Girls Photography by Victoria Sturdy | Cambridge Cambridgeshire | Newborn PhotographerPaint Smash Girls Photography by Victoria Sturdy | Cambridge Cambridgeshire | Newborn Photographer

If you would like further information on our Cake Smashing shoots, please contact me at or I would love to talk to you. please call 07985 496114 or if you are ready to book please Contact me to book your session.


Cake Smash FAQ's

I have compiled a list of FAQ’s that will hopefully answer any questions you have prior to your child’s Cake Smash Photo Shoot. 

What ages can Cake Smash Sessions be booked for?

Cake smash photo shoots are typically booked for a child’s 1st or 2nd birthdays (or around that time) These ages are the best age for cake smash shoots as children are still in the exploration stage of their development.

When should I book my child’s Cake Smash photo session?

I recommend that any photo shoot is booked in advance (as soon as you possibly can) as my diary fills up months in advance and you wouldn’t want to miss out by not being able to book a date that suits!

Do I need to organise anything in advance?

You don’t need to worry about organising anything with the exception of booking the date you would like and paying the £375 Session Fee for the photo shoot,  I will take care of everything else!

What options do I have for the colour scheme or theme of the shoot?

I have lots of options and themes available for cake smash photo shoots from girly tea party to funky bright candy shop theme. I have a variety of different outfits from different coloured rompers, crowns, pants sets, super hero sets, sheriff sets and pants and cute ties. I will continue to expand my collection too! If you have a preference to which colour scheme or theme you would like please let me know in advance. 

How long does a Cake Smash Session usually take?

Smash and Splash photo shoots usually last less than an hour, or however long your little one wants to explore for! There usually comes a time where baby has had enough (believe it or not) and that’s where I’m happy to stop. Baby will always lead the photo shoot.

What should I bring with me on the day?

If you would like your child photographed in a nice clean outfit of choice before the cake smash I am happy to do some photographs of them before things get messy! 

What is included in the Cake Smash package?

‘Smash and Splash’ sessions are offered as a package price to ensure great value for money. The package includes a high street cake, outfit provided for the shoot. 

What happens on the day?

When you arrive I will give you and baby time to relax and settle into the studio environment. Once baby is happy and settled we will start with nice portrait photos first. After that we will move on to the super fun cake smash and once your baby has had enough cake we round the fun session off with a bubbly and interactive tub time session, which is always a huge hit!

What information do I need to provide to book?

All I need to know is your child’s name, age and if they have any allergies (for the cake) I will also take a contact number for you so I can remind you of your booking a week before it! If your child has alleries or special requirements I suggest you provide your own cake.

How do I book?

You can book your Cake Smash Session through the contact us section of my website.


Don’t forget to have nappies, wipes, burp-cloths, a blanket to keep the baby warm during set changes, a dummy, and anything you will need to feed the baby when needed. Don’t forget those little details! Make sure parent’s hands are manicured nicely if they will be in any shots, etc. Additional tips will be emailed before your session.



Please bring all clothing and accessory options that you think might work and we can choose which will produce the best results.  It may also be helpful to have your child’s favorites (book, toy, blanket, person, etc.) on hand as well as a non-messy snack and small drink to keep the baby content and smiling.  


WHAT TO BRING {Cake Smash / Bubble Bath session}

A 6" Cake, 6 helium-filled balloons, party hat (optional), birthday outfit (we will collaborate on what will work best for your session), a sippy cup or bottle with water or milk (cake is sweet!), a cute hooded towel, and some cute PJ's with a favorite stuffed toy.   I am able to provide balloons and birthday outfit for an additional fee.  


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