Lost Adventurers Photography | Important FIRST YEAR Milestones for BABY PHOTOGRAPHY

Important FIRST YEAR Milestones for BABY PHOTOGRAPHY

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Important FIRST YEAR Milestones for BABY PHOTOGRAPHY

The moment they emerge from the womb, babies are observing, absorbing, and gearing up to take on the world. Some of the biggest thrills for parents come in their baby's first year of life: the first smile, first "ba ba," first steps. The incredible journey of  the first year and the incredible pace that they grow, brings new and exciting developments every month

NEWBORN  (0-20 days)

I have watched my children grow so quickly and feel a sense of urgency to record and capture as many memories as possible. When my second son was just a few months old, I was reminded of how quickly that newborn stage goes by. It can be hard to enjoy it like we want to with all the sleepless nights and days devoted completely to a tiny little person, but I found myself thinking that you will only get to experience it for yourself a few months out of your entire lifetime... You will never regret capturing those precious moments and intricate details that will no doubt bring all of the memories and emotions you got to experience with that stage of life flooding back. Newborn session are for babies under 20 days, when they are still curled up and sleep long periods in Mummy and Daddy's arms. Their skin is creamy and clear and look so dreamy in the photos.

If you think you have missed this stage you can wait til the baby can hold their head up and this stage can produce some amazing photos



At this stage there will be established responsive smiles, and these are an absolute delight to photograph and capture. At this stage they are also learning about their hands and feet. You may also notice your baby waving her arms and kicking her legs enthusiastically. And, if you hold her up with her feet touching the floor, she should push down on her legs now. Your baby can also bring both hands together, open her fists, and play with her fingers. They may even use a closed fist to bat at dangling objects. 



When you baby is able to sit up unaided but not walking there are so many possibilities in posing, using props and styling. The photo sessions are so full of expression, cheekiness and personality. Such fun!! Babies this age are very interactive, smiley and full of life and give some incredible poses that you will treasure forever.

Cake Smash Photography | Victoria Sturdy | Cambridge Cambridgeshire | Newborn PhotographerCake Smash Photography | Victoria Sturdy | Cambridge Cambridgeshire | Newborn Photographer



Your baby is ONE!! What a year and what a milestone! Watch your little one explore new tastes and textures as they tuck into a delicious homemade creamy cake! The result…stunning, cute and fun photographs that truly capture your little ones personality at that moment in time! Cake Smash Photo Shoots have to be the most fun photo shoot to be part of. Let’s face it all babies love to explore, this is the perfect way to celebrate their first birthday in style. When your baby has finished the cake tasting, we wash off the frosting with a bubble bath.


Baby's memories are enforced by photos and videos so make sure you take many photos to remind you of this incredible journey so you can look back and smile and remind yourself how little they were! I offer a Baby Plan Package which consists of 3 milestone sessions.



Sessions Fees

Your session fee covers shoot time and basic image editing for your portrait session. One complementary 8x10" fine art print is included if you purchase one of my packages starting from £395. No other professional print products or digital files are included in session fees unless specified


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