Lost Adventurers Photography | Isabella 8 weeks milstone session

Isabella 8 weeks milstone session

March 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Isabella | 8 weeks new

A Baby Girl Lives Here Now

In the corner of the spare room,
There’s a little cradle now:
And the day-to-day routine
Has gotten busier somehow.
There’s a bib among the napkins–
And a talcumy perfume
Drifts around the little toys
That lie about the room.
The little teddy bear stands guard
With his round and rolly eyes
When all the house is still
But for the sounds of lullabies.
Yet even without all these things,
It’s still obvious somehow
From the happiness that fills the air–
A baby girl lives here now.


More fun photographing Isabella at her grandmas house. I was lucky enough to photograph little Isabella last year and was one of my first shoots when I set up my business! While I was re-editing this photo earlier I thought – Isabella is now nearly one, and she will never remember cuddling her little toy bear or falling asleep right at the end of the shoot! And then I started to wonder where will photos like this be in around 60 years when these beautiful babies have families of their own and I’m pushing 100! If I’m lucky!!!


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