Lost Adventurers Photography | 52 week Photo Challenge 2018

52 week Photo Challenge 2018

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Come join me for a fun weekly photo challenge. Every week will be a different theme to challenge us.pick up our camera or I-phone and challenge the way we see the world...and hopefully improve our skills. It is meant to challenge and help improve you camera skills and it does not matter wat skill levelyou are we can all get involved and be inspired. We all need an excuse to get out the house and have a challenge to focus on and topick up your camera at least once a week. 


How to participate?

Just add your image under the post #52weeks in our Facebook group (JOIN). You do not need to commit every week though I would love to see your images. You can enter and leave as you wish and the themes are below so you can plan ahead.   


This challenge is a fun way to get you push your boundaries, skills and be creative and gain more confidence


52 challenges of 2018:

1 . Photo that you love

2. People and Animals

3. Minimalism

4. Night

5. Capture the moment

6. Desert, Rocks & Hills

7. Favourite food

8. Mesmerising Celings

9. Starts with a G

10. Vanishing points

11. Majestic Animals

12. Black & white patterns

13. Back to front

14. Bubbles 

15. Orange 

16. Baby Boom

17. Perfect Pair

18. All about Colour

19. Kitchen

20. Two Wheels

21. window

22. Bad Hair Day

23. Silhouette

24. Mirror

25. Purple

26 Land

27 Sky

28 Toys

29 Abstract

30 Faceless Portrait

31 Fun

32 Starts with a S

33 Framed

34 Fashion

35 Music

36 High Angle

37 Numbers

39 Favourite Place

40 Reflection

41 Human Body

42 Fire

43 Family

44 Out of Focus

45 Yellow

46 Nature

47 Under

48 Thankful

48 Movement 

49 Close up Portrait

50 First Thing in The Morning

51 Holidays

52 New Year


I cant wait to see how you interpret the themes. The sky is the limit there are no limitations or restrictions and I cant wait to see what you all come up with. JOIN our Facebook group if you have not yet!


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