Lost Adventurers Photography | Cake Smash Policies


Bucket List Sessions:

Bucket List Sessions are completely designed by Lost Adventurers Photography, these are completely custom designs and come as created. There is no changing colors, styles, and theme once booked.  Each custom set cost between £175-£375 to create the entire theme so there will be no exceptions made. Please be 110% positive that you want to choose a bucket list cake smash before booking. We can discuss what the set will look like before booking if you have questions or concerns 

Cake or Food related items in the set:

Each set comes with a "smash item" this may be a cake, cupcakes, spaghetti, burgers, pudding, or paint. Pretty much it could be anything. You are required to sign the contract sent to you. There is no exceptions to this. Failure to sign the contract will result in the cancellation of your session and your retainer will not be refunded. 

The studio provides the "smash" item as part of your session. If you need to bring your own "smash" item due to allergy or other reason please reach out to us and let us know before you book your session.  

1. We can recommend a great baker who can bake with special ingredients and still provide a cake that looks perfect in the set. 
2. There will be no reduction in price if you bring your own cake.  There will be no substitution in products. There will be no additional prints, products, or digitals provided if you bring your own cake (or other items to the set).  The Cake Smash rates are inclusive rates that include the use of the client closet, the cake, and the set design. With the cake being such a huge part of the session you will want it to be perfect.  

3. Cake Size:  Cakes provided for the session are between a 6-7 inch round (sometimes custom shapes). This is a very beautiful proportionate cake for the babies.  Whether your child is 11 months or 3 years old we still choose the 6-7 inch round cake.  Anything more will look out of proportion next to the baby.  

4. No Shows:  If you fail to show up for your session your cake will be put in the freezer and stored for no more than 7 days. If you fail to contact the studio to reschedule within 7 days your cake will be thrown out and your session will be canceled no refunds will be available. PLEASE reach out to us IMMEDIATELY if you cannot make it to your session and to get rescheduled. We book out months in advance so you will need to let us know as soon as possible so we can scheduling to get you in again within 7 days. 

Please do not bring a sick child to my studio.  I photograph Newborns so I need to ensure that the studio is germ free due to their low immume systems.  Please reach out to me as soon as you think your child has come down with something we can reschedule without any issues.  If your child has recently been sick you need to confirm with your Doctor that they are no longer contagious. If your child is sick or has recently been sick their session will reflect that. They will look tired, cranky, and like they don't feel great. You will not get the best result for you photos.